HappyU - A Mental Health Revolution

  • 26 Dec 2022

For the longest time, mental health has been ignored by us, both as
individuals and as a society. While any physical ailment or condition is
immediately attended to, issues pertaining to mental health are seldom
taken seriously. Even when our loved ones and friends openly speak of
having feelings of solitude, purposelessness, emptiness, irritability or
stress, we seldom acknowledge those as conditions requiring
attendance by a professional. Feeling hopeless after failing in studies or
a setback in career or a breakup or a divorce? ‘Harden up. That’s how
life is.’ Feeling depressed after losing a loved one? ‘Move on. That’s
what Life does.’ Everyone dishes out advice and trinkets of wisdom to
anyone who expresses such feelings. Often, people are even laughed at
and mocked for such expressions. Such feelings are supposed to be a
part of life and one is just expected to get over them with time. True,
having such feelings to a certain degree is normal. But more often than
not, such events take a huge toll on our mental, emotional and physical
health due to lack of professional help, pushing many of us to commit
drastic acts, even suicide. And even in cases where immediate help is
required, the stigma attached with visiting a mental health professional
in many countries such as India, discourages people from seeking it.
Our mental health has a profound impact – on our overall health and
well-being, our loved ones and our relationship with them, our
productivity in our workplaces and also on the society. Most crimes are
borne out of unresolved mental and emotional health issues which can
be avoided with proper awareness and timely professional
intervention. HappyU is spearheading a mental health revolution to
bring awareness, remove the stigma attached with seeking help for
mental issues and making professional help available and accessible to
everyone across the globe to create a mentally sound society. Join the
revolution today!


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