Company Profile

We recognize that health care encompasses more than just symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments. The strong bond that develops between medical professionals and their patients is what results in ongoing care and long-lasting, superior results. On trust, HappyU operates. We are conscious of the duty that more than 30 crore patients and over a lakh doctor have entrusted to us. We have always done our best to uphold this trust and we will continue to do so. We support complete disclosure. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and believe in open and honest communication.


We create a healthier country every time a patient finds the proper physician.


For more than a billion Indians, HappyU is on a mission to make high-quality healthcare accessible and cheap. We are committed to providing our users with the most precise, thorough, and expertly selected information and support so they can make better healthcare decisions.


It is the voyage that carries you to new places each day and offers countless opportunities for living on the strength of joy, vigor, and optimism. HappyU aims to make this journey simple for every Indian while also promoting longevity and good health.